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Dad Joke Friday has just Landed!

Dads from all over the world have been persecuted for making four year olds laugh so hard they can hardly breathe. So this is a place where Dads can be free to express themselves free from thrown objects, rolling eyes, or sarcastic groans. Inspired by the relentless wit of Tim Williams that we have come to depend on every Friday, DJF is a place where we can all kick back and support our persecuted Dads.

Here's the rules:

  1. Any day is Dad Joke Friday

  2. You don't just have to be a Dad to post to Dad Joke Friday - we laugh at Mums too

  3. All posts will be moderated before appearing, in accordance with the Australian Spirit

  4. We'd love to hear any funny stories, jokes or relevant material from Dads and Mums

  5. Keep it clean and have fun

We'd love you to visit Dad Joke Friday and like our page

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