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The Potential Project is coming to Georgetown, North Qld.

Families in Georgetown want to see their young people reach their highest potential, so this year, we will be bringing the Potential Project to Georgetown. Because of the remote nature of the town, we will be empowering parents to bring out the gold in their young people. We are fortunate to have a great ally in the region's Economic and Community Development Officer - Bekky Hill, who has her finger on the pulse of the region identifying needs, and is fully trained in program delivery, and has years of experience in self-development training of people of all ages. The Potential Project is delivered over 8 weeks, and includes a weekend away for personal development activities for participants.

Bekky excels at bringing out the gold in people of all ages, and we're really excited to have her joining us!! As mentioned previously, the remote nature of Georgetown (approx. 5 hours west of Cairns) does present some unique challenges, as well as opportunities. Our aim is to provide an ongoing commitment in building relationships and your support would directly affect the small community of Georgetown in a great way. Click here to partner with us in reaching our Georgetown families. Thanks for all your support and prayers. We're excited to see what's in store as the Potential Project comes to Georgetown!

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