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​Who is Al Taylor?

On Wednesday 19th August 2009, Allan and Kari Taylor were tragically lost in a car accident on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. 

Tributes flowed as thousands of people whose lives Allan and Kari had touched personally mourned their loss.

In a service attended by in excess of 3,000 and addressed by the Prime Minister of Australia, the Sunshine Coast despondently said goodbye, to, whom TV and radio stations referred to as, two of their best.

The Minister of Education was overcome by emotion as he addressed Parliament, delivering a tribute to "the two shining stars".


Allan was a Teacher, Principal, Pastor, Chaplain, keen surfer, and described as "a father to the fatherless." Kari was a teacher of singing, music, and a dance school principal, and between them, Allan and Kari touched the lives of thousands of people throughout Australia and overseas.

While we can't possibly presume to fully descibe the lives of Allan and Kari in a few sentences, they were an unassuming, fun-loving, loveable couple who loved God, loved their community, and routinely sacrificed their own interests to spend time helping those around them.
They often brought hope into hopeless situations, and while they weren't rock stars or celebrities, they were esteemed by many they came in contact with simply because of their genuine love for others.

"I've got NOW. I'll use this day as if it's the last day of my life. I haven't got an hour from NOW. I can't live that. I can only live what I've got NOW.
Live NOW. Live NOW. Use it for good."  Allan Taylor



Who is Al Taylor for Kids?

There are those who had worked alongside Allan for many years and shared his vision for young people, and since Al's passing in 2009, have continued to keep his programs and camps alive for the benefit of vulnerable young people.


Because of increasing needs identified in our communities, an association has been formed, with the full endorsement of the Taylor and Sherwell families, to further consolidate Al's vision, and multiply evidence-based programs aimed at developing our young people identified at-risk by their school support systems. 

In Al's words, "It's about training up the next generation to believe in themselves, to believe in God, to do their best in life, not to be half-hearted, to give children a chance, to live from their heart."

"It's better to build young people than to repair adults."



Legal Stuff

Al Taylor For Kids is an Australian registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission, and subscribe to all auditing and reporting requirements of ACNC.

donations to Al Taylor for Kids are fully tax-deductible.


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