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Grab a copy of The Matchbox Anthology


The Matchbox Anthology takes an insightful, delightful, informative and pleasurable jaunt through the 1960's of a developing country town and its inhabitants through the curious eyes of Dougie Finlay (AKA Paul Lanham) - a rather adventurous young boy revealing the impact made upon him and his community of a world rapidly changing and evolving around him.

This 176 page paperback is a fun read. Even though fictional, the characters shadow childhood depictions of real people.  


Paul has generously committed all proceeds of book sales to Al Taylor For Kids.  While we are humbled at Paul's generosity, we are not surprised as Paul and Sheryl have spent much of their lives investing into the futures of young people, so the proceeds of this work will continue to empower our most vulnerable young people.

Only $22.00 Delivered!

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