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"The changes in our students from the beginning of the program to the end have been immense."
Deb Price
Engagement and Well-Being Teacher
Maleny State High School

Real Results...Everyday!

Nambour SHS and Burnside SHS

These schools supplied data to monitor the progress of young people participating in the Potential Project.

Of the 28 participants, the results are as follows......

  • Suspensions Down by 68%
  • Behavioural Incidents Down by  56%
  • Goal-Setting Up by 34%
  • Team-Building Up by 67%
  • Self-Awareness Up by 50%
  • Emotional Well-Being Up by 68%

Flexible Arrangement Program

While working with a group of students witin a "flexible arrangement program", reductions of 52% - 62% of symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress were recorded consistlently accross all students. These results were observed using industry-recognised schedules and surveys implemented by our consulting psychologist, and are displayed in the following graph.

In addition, an increase of 40% of the students social and emotional skills was recorded when evaluated externally by the program coordinator.


What Others are Saying...

"The program has had a positive and proactive impact on the students.

 Changes we've noticed are -

  • Decline in behaviour database entries

  • Positive feedback from teachers regarding improvement in behaviour and work ethic

  • Previous "Flexible Student Arrangement" students are now transitioning back into mainstream classes

  • The boys have made new friends and speak fondly of their mates"


Allison Wright
Deputy Principal Junior Secondary
Nambour State High School


"In 2017 the focus was on a girls group which Al Taylor for Kids facilitated and provided numerous opportunities for the girls to grow and express themselves. The confidence change that occurred in the girls was amazing and the support offered by the facilitators extended to include the staff member with the group.

Al Taylor for Kids were very accommodating with the school structure and worked with the school to tailor a programme to support and assist students.

I highly recommend Al Taylor for Kids if you want to engage young people, help them reach their true potential, assist them in finding common ground and provide them with positive opportunities to grow. Al Taylor for Kids are there for the kids and this has been proven through my involvement with the organisation."


Lance Kimlin
Head of Department Student Services
Caloundra State High School


"Based on my involvement and the impact I have witnessed of the Program on our students' behaviour, attitudes, engagement at school and assessment outcomes, I happily endorse this program and its potential for success with our more challenging students"

Doug Bavinton
Head of Department of Social Justice
Nambour State High School

"I have evidenced increases in the students' respect for themselves and each other, commitment, initiative, and inclusiveness. These improvements are of great value to help our students stay engaged with their education"

Kris Friend
SWAG Program Coordinator
Burnside and Nambour High Schools

"I would not hesitate in recommending this program as a proactive approach in developing social and emotional learning in the curriculum"

Mike Reimann
Student Support Services
Nambour State College

"I cannot express enough gratitude I have for Al Taylor For Kids and the programs they run.  Maleny High hopes to continue working alongside Al Taylor For Kids in future years as we have seen such improvements to the thoughts and actions of the students who were in the program.  The changes in our students from the beginning of the program to the end have been immense."

Deb Price
Engagement and Well-being Teacher
Maleny State High School

"The program was delivered by well-trained facilitators who quickly gained the trust of the boys and developed strong relationships in order to support them.  The boys were provided with a range of strategies to assist them in managing their emotions.

Over the term I observed the personal growth of every boy. The teachers reported that the boys were managing situations both in the classroom and playground with greater focus and self-confidence, resulting in reduced behavioural incidents.

I highly recommend this program."

Elizabeth Somers
Pacific Paradise State School

"I am writing to express my positive feedback around the Potential Project program that was run at Bli Bli State school last term. I was fortunate to observe this quality, action- based learning program being delivered in the course of my duties as a teacher, as well as seeing the benefits first hand, as my 10 year old daughter was a participant.

It was wonderful to observe the very competent facilitators provide the students with opportunities to increase their confidence, self- worth, and care and respect for others. I literally witnessed each of the participants' growth in these areas from one week to the next, and have since observed the flow on effect as these girls interact confidently and respectfully with their peers and teachers day to day."

Jodie Rickard
Inclusion Teacher
Bli Bli State School

"I have nothing but praise for the Potential Project and the teams that led the students along their journeys of self-discovery...The growth I witnessed was astonishing and this was reflected in the students' behaviour in the classroom as well.

I would recommend the Potential Project for any and every School where they are seeking ways to reach students who are at risk of disengaging in life "

Paul Lowik

Woombye State School

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