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What is the POTENTIALproject?

We believe that growth in our values opens doors to our potential, and that all our young people deserve the chance to grow in their potential irrespective of social or financial demographics.

Unfortunately we see increasing numbers of young people displaying symptoms of high anxiety, stress and depression, leading to social isolation, anti-social behaviour, and suicide.

The POTENTIAL PROJECT, delivered over 8 weeks, engages our young people to EXPERIENCE what it's like to grow in values and increasing potential, face their obstacles, and achieve their very best. The
RESULTS are speaking for themselves!


How Can I Help?


We aim to offer the POTENTIAL PROJECT to every school on the Sunshine Coast

To do this, our licensed facilitators need your help! 

Sponsoring a young person monthly helps us every day to guarantee a place in our programs for a young person to experience growth in their potential, or you could help by donating any amount.

All donations are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.


Sponsor a Young Person

A tax deductible gift of $39 a month, will guarantee a young person a place in the POTENTIALproject designed for them to overcome their obstacles, explore their own strengths and weaknesses, and to provide the skills in life to engage in their education and succeed in their relationships with others.


Please select a Sponsorship Option below, and then click the Sponsor button to begin your monthly sponsorship. A statement will be issued at the end of financial year for your records. You may cancel your sponsorship at any time by clicking here.


Donate to the POTENTIALproject

Make a tax-deductible donation to the POTENTIALproject to help our Aussie kids reach their potential. Please select a Donation Option below to make a donation via your credit card or Paypal account. Include your name and address to receive a receipt for your records.

Thanks for your support!

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