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50 Students Graduated SHINE last Friday!

Thanks to Maneena, Kelly and the amazing Shine Team, 50 girls from Nambour State School, and surrounding areas graduated SHINE last Friday! Shine is a unique personal development program founded on the premise that every life has intrinsic value, and equips girls to identify their self-value, build confidence, set and achieve personal goals, develop boundaries in relationships, and have positive influence.

Our Shine Team takes Shine to a whole new level. Parents, teachers, and the Deputy Principal were amazed at the quality and dedication of our team and their presentation. The Deputy said she had never seen Shine run at such a high calibre, and the Australian Shine Coordinator commented that our team's quality of delivery epitomizes their vision for every Shine program throughout Australia.

A Nambour State School classroom transformed to instil value into our girls...

Maneena in Action with a group of Shine Girls...

School Nurse Carol Talking Health with our Shine Girls...

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