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Boy, 11, Narrowly Escapes Explosion at Sunshine Coast Camp

It was revealed today that a young boy narrowly escaped an explosion at a popular Sunshine Coast Camp in October this year. The long-running Any Bites Camp, in operation for the last 13 years, has enjoyed a record of safety due to the practices, and risk assessments put in place by Scripture Union and the dedicated oversight by the trained team of volunteer leaders that make the camp a huge success each year.

The details of this near miss have been revealed in a letter received by one of the camp's leaders from a camp participant... "I had so much fun on the Any Bites Camp that I nearly exploded! The thing that I had the most fun on was the Aquapark, and I hope you do it again because next year's is going to be a blast and i will be there! From Brodie." If you would like to support the Any Bites Camp team to ensure their camp participants have the maximum amount of fun while avoiding exploding, CLICK HERE to find out more.

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