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We're Coming in to land at Maleny High!

It's been a while in planning, but we're excited to announce that ATFK is coming to Maleny High School after Easter! We're going to be journeying with 2 groups of guys and gals in what it takes to overcome our obstacles and reach our potential.

Maneena - one of our illustrious facilitators is going to be heading up the action, and we're looking forward to the stories she'll bring back! QCCC Mapleton is coming on board with some great team activities to prove that we can achieve the impossible when we apply the right ingredients! If you'd like to help us reach more of our local kids at risk with our proven evidence-based programs, consider sponsoring an Aussie kid, or donate today. All financial support contributed to our Aussie kids is tax-deductible. We can't wait to see what's in store for the awesome Maleny High crew!

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