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Bob Sherwell's a remarkable man...Ashley Robinson

THE last couple of weeks I have read a number of horrific stories in the Daily regarding tenants wrecking property - not just living in squalor but refusing to pay rent and actually stealing stuff and trashing the rest before they are eventually evicted.

"What is the world coming to?" is usually my first thought, closely followed by the impact on the owners and my concerns for the children of the people who perpetrate this type of behaviour.

It might seem strange to you but I always think about the kids.

What possible chance do they have in life if they are brought up thinking poor behaviour is acceptable?

I see it somewhere every day - adults behaving badly, dragging kids along with them.

It is so sad.

Most days in the media there are similar stories and it almost stops me reading the paper or watching the news.

I guess, though, for every sad, pathetic story there are two-fold good ones - great people who care for their community and are making a real difference.

Last week local legend Bob Sherwell jumped out of a perfectly good plane with his granddaughter Ashleah.

I would need a pretty good reason to jump out of a plane, particularly if I was 86 like Bob.

But he did it for very good reason - to raise awareness and funds for at-risk youth.

Growing up on the Coast, I first came across Bob when we moved to Nambour in the early 1970s.

I can clearly remember him giving me advice that I wasn't real keen on but, on reflection, I probably should have paid more attention.

Now Bob is a unique individual.

I can remember seeing him either training in the pool or running in knee-deep water down at the beach.

He seemed to be always doing something and decades later he is still the same.

Whether it be the Island Charity Swim or the Sunshine Coast Marathon, Bob is still active and still doing something for others.

Most people his age would be sitting in front of the fire with slippers on reflecting on life, but it seems not to be in his DNA.

Bob and Ashleah willingly stepped out of that plane to raise funds for Al Taylor for Kids - a charity set up in honour of Ashleah's parents, Allan and Kari Taylor (Bob's daughter), who sadly passed away in a car accident in 2009.

Before the tragedy, they were legendary for helping guide youth through the pitfalls of life and now, through Bob and family and friends, they are championing the Al Taylor for Kids Charity.

I must say if I needed a champion I would look no further than Bob Sherwell.

If you want to make a difference like Bob but don't feel like jumping out of a plane go to and make a donation.

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